Finding the right driver is easy.

Did you know that a huge portion of computer errors can be traced back to faulty device drivers? Drivers, the software that allows your operating system to communicate with your hardware devices, are notoriously complex and buggy. Because of this, proper PC maintenance demands that you regularly update your drivers - every single one of them.

Why you need the most up-to-date drivers

Drivers one of those things that you never even notice until they break. A broken driver can cause your display to stop working properly, your printer not to print, your sound card not to make sound - in short, broken drivers put your hardware on strike. Without the right driver software, Windows has no idea how to control the devices that are attached to your computer. Hardware manufacturers frequently update their device drivers to fix bugs and compatibility issues, but most of these vendors won't tell you to update. Instead, you're expected to regularly cruise every vendor's website, looking for a tiny little download link.

Why not let Driver Robot do the hard work for you?

Driver Robot automatically scans your computer, figures out what kind of hardware you have, and downloads the official up-to-date driver right from the manufacturer. It even installs the driver for you. This can save you dozens of headaches - you never have to worry about an out-of-date or corrupt driver interfering with your PC's operation again.

Driver Pro's mission

As retired PC technicians, the Driver Pro team has spent hundreds of hours finding the right driver for old or exotic hardware. What a waste of time! When we found Driver Robot, we built the Driver Pro website to try and save as many people as possible from the time sink that troubleshooting drivers represents.

Using the Driver Pro website

While you're here, please have a look at our Articles section for useful artciles that can help you manage your computer's drivers and hardware. The Resources page contains links to manufacturers for hardware support and other useful web resources. If you have any questions, or you'd like to make a comment about the Driver Pro website, please contact us with your thoughts.