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Card readers are very useful pieces of hardware. If you have a digital camera or a digital video camera, you probably know the advantages of directly reading the memory card on your computer. Fast and easy access to all of your photos and videos. However, card readers will not work immediately after you install them. You might ever encounter errors and crashes.

Here are just a few problems from real people all around the world:

If you are reading this tutorial, it means you are also having some problems with your Acer card reader. In most cases, the problems are caused by missing, old, or corrupted hardware drivers. Although these devices are very simple to use, hardware drivers are a must. Otherwise, Windows will not see them and, obviously, they will not work as expected. Let’s see where we can find the latest drivers for our Acer card reader.

Finding and downloading the latest drivers for our Acer card reader

Almost all of manufacturers maintain an updated database of drivers containing all the new goodies for all of their products. This database can be found on their website. In our case, go to (or simply google "Acer" and pick the first result). Here is how their main page looks like:

Acer main page

It is obvious that you must choose your country. Go ahead and put a check on Canada and click Go to reach the following page:

Acer Canada main page

If you notice, there is a link at the top of the page called "Service and Support". Usually, all downloads (including the drivers) can be found in this section. Go ahead and click the link to continue to the next page:

Acer support page

You will immediately notice the Driver Download link. It is obvious that that is our target. Go ahead and click the link to go to the next page:

Acer drivers and downloads

You must now choose your Product Line and your laptop model. In my case, I will choose Notebook as the product line, and TravelMate C310 as the product model. Choose your language (I presume English) and the page should look like the one below:

Acer download page filled

Now all you have to do is click Search to continue to the following page:

Acer search results page

You will immediately notice the "TI Card Reader Driver v2.0.0.1" link. It is marked as "most popular" so a lot of people downloaded it. You can see that it is suited for my TravelMate C310 and that it works on Windows XP. Go ahead and click the link to go to the next page:

Acer main download page

You will find some info on the file on this page. You will also notice the download link "". Go ahead and click it and the download should begin:

Download window

Choose to save the file and save it in an easy to remember location on your hard drive. Once the download is finished, take 5 minutes of your time to save the file on a CD or DVD. Whenever you reinstall your Windows operating system, you will need to install the hardware drivers, so easy access to them is crucial.

Installing the hardware drivers for your Acer card reader

Now that the file is safely stored, go to where you saved the file and extract its contents to a location on your hard drive using WinRAR. Once the files are extracted, you should go to that folder and find the Setup.exe file:

The Setup.exe file

Double click it and you should see the following window:

Acer welcome window

If you want to install the hardware drivers, click Next and the installation will begin. It should take under a minute (depending on your system) and you will see the next window:

Acer hardware drivers successfully installed

All you have to do is click Finish. Now restart your computer so that Windows can make the necessary changes. After your computer restarts, there is only one more step: testing if the Acer card reader is working. Insert your card and try to use it. You should be able to see it, copy files from it, delete files from it, etc. This means that the Acer card reader is working fine.

Congratulations! You have just downloaded and installed the latest hardware drivers for your device. Enjoy your working card reader!