The consequences of installing the wrong driver

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As you already know, hardware drivers are a very important part of Windows (regardless of its version). If drivers are installed correctly and frequently updated, your hardware device will work at its full capacity. Windows will run smoothly and no errors should occur. However, things change when you install a wrong hardware driver. There were situations when Windows itself installed wrong drivers.

To make an idea regarding the gravity of the situation, take a look at some of the problems people experienced:

If you install the wrong driver, Windows will go crazy. It will start throwing lots of errors, reboot your system, and even fail to start. These are some very serious problems – you may need to reinstall Windows. This would be a time consuming task, and nobody would be happy to do it. But there are very few other alternatives.

You might be lucky and manage to uninstall the wrong hardware drivers and install the good ones. In this case, Windows should return to normal. However, there are cases in which errors continue to appear. You can try to talk to Microsoft – maybe they can help you. Send them an error report including the error code and error text. Although this may seem an easy way to solve the problem, don’t put too much hope in Microsoft. They receive thousands of error reports daily, so their response will be generic, copy pasted, or even automated. So this might not work at all.

If you have problems with wrong hardware drivers installed, you should be aware that it is entirely your fault. Although Windows can automatically install wrong drivers, it does it on very rare occasions. Here are a few advices to go through before attempting a hardware driver install:

If you follow these advices, you shouldn’t encounter any problem with your hardware drivers. This will avoid numerous problems, errors, and even crashes. If you do encounter errors, contact your hardware’s manufacturer and tell them about the problem. Some drivers can be poorly written or have bugs.