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I can't believe I was going to replace my when all it needed was a new Driver, thanks Driver Robot :)

Laura Clopelle, WA

If you're trying to find the latest drivers for your , you know how frustrating it can be: scouring badly-maintained manufacturer sites, looking for help from strangers on's way harder than it should be. We recommend you use Driver Robot for updating your drivers. Not only does Driver Robot search for your in a database of over 2,000,000 drivers, it's guaranteed to find the correct driver for your .

Download Driver Robot now to download the latest official drivers for your .

Driver Robot automatically updates:

  • Sound card drivers
  • Printer drivers
  • Video card drivers
  • Motherboard drivers
  • Webcam drivers
  • Wireless drivers
  • Bluetooth drivers
  • FireWire drivers
  • Ethernet drivers
  • Windows XP drivers
  • Windows Vista drivers
  • USB drivers
  • Chipset drivers
  • AC97 drivers
  • DVD drivers
  • Router drivers

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Download Drivers

Three reasons to use Driver Robot to download your drivers:


Driver Robot automatically identifies your

Instead of guessing the model number, serial number, and revision of your , why not let Driver Robot find it for you? Driver Robot is able to automatically recognize every manufactured after 1994. That means it's 100% guaranteed to correctly identify your . This is absolutely critical to finding the correct drivers for your hardware.


Get only official drivers for your

Using Driver Robot means you never have to worry about accidentally downloading old, outdated, or incompatible drivers for your . Because Driver Robot's database of over 2,000,000 is constantly updated, the drivers it downloads are always guaranteed to match your . Nothing's worse than a with the wrong drivers - don't take the chance!


Save massive amounts of time by not searching through your manufacturer's website

Don't spend hours wading through the old support documents of your 's original manufacturer. Get Driver Robot to do the dirty work for you. Its perfect scan and massive database means you're guaranteed to find the device driver you need to get your functional again. Download it now and see for yourself.

Watch how easy it is to update your with Driver Robot:

Driver Pro Guarantee: It's safe to use Driver Robot to update your

At Driver Pro, we only recommend software we use ourselves every day. Among all the driver updating software we tested, we found Driver Robot the most effective at identifying and updating drivers. Try it for yourself and save the hassle of hunting down rare drivers manually.

Using Driver Robot to look for new drivers for your PC

To use Driver Robot to find drivers for your , you first need to install the software on your system. When you're finished, you may wish to remove it. Driver Robot installs on your computer cleanly, and doesn't make any permanent changes to your system.

Installing Driver Robot on your computer

To begin scanning your computer for new drivers, download the setup file for Driver Robot on to your system. You can do so by clicking on any of the download links on this page, or following this link: Download the Driver Robot installer. The file is approximately 5 megabytes, and will only take 10 seconds to download on most Internet connections.

If you're asked where to save the setup file, choose your desktop as the location and proceed. When the download is finished, there should be a file on your desktop named "Driver Robot_Setup.exe". Double-click on this file to begin the installation routine.

Driver Robot's installer will show you a splash screen, explaining what the program does and which version it is. Continue by pressing the "Next" button, and review the End User License Agreement and make sure you agree to it. When you are finished, press "Next" again to begin installation.

When the Driver Robot setup program is finished, Driver Robot will automatically run. You may now use it to search for new drivers that are compatible with your system

How to uninstall Driver Robot from your system

If you need to remove Driver Robot from your computer, you may do so through Windows's "Add/Remove Programs" (or "Programs and Features", in Vista and Windows 7) functionality.

Press the Start button and open the Control Panel. From here, double-click on the Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features icon. You should now be looking at a list of all the applications that have been loaded on to your computer.

Find Driver Robot in this list and left-click on it once. An "Uninstall" button will appear. Pressing this button removes Driver Robot from your computer. The uninstallation process is clean and does not leave any remnants behind.

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