Important Information: To access this driver and update your device, please use the recommended driver installation utility: Download driver now

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Please follow the instructions below to begin installing your driver.

Download this driver

Download Free Driver Retriever (5.0MB)

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This driver is installed by the recommended driver installation utility. Downloading this tool is free, and installing it takes approximately 2 minutes. We use this tool to ensure you get the fastest download of the latest official driver.

Repair your  files

Using the driver retrieval tool

Installation of this utility will take approximately 15 seceonds

  1. Begin downloading the driver tool by pressing "Download Free Driver Tool", above.

  2. Install the downloaded tool. This should take approximately 15 seconds, depending on the state of your computer.

  3. Press "Start" in the driver tool interface to begin downloading your driver.

Recommended  repair tool

Installing your driver

Careful installation of your driver will ensure optimal performance.

Once you have downloaded your driver with this tool, you can launch the driver installation process directly from the driver tool. The driver tool allows you to monitor the driver installation and can detect when the driver failed to install. We highly recommend using the tool for this purpose.

The driver tool will preserve a history of all of your driver downloads, allowing you to easily reinstall and backup your drivers if anything goes wrong. Please be sure to back up your drivers with this tool, to protect against future errors.

If you need to download other drivers for your system, you may do so through this tool's automatic driver scan functionality. This tool can scan your system for outdated drivers, and will recommend suitable upgrades.