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If you are reading this, you are having a problem with your Gateway network controller and are looking for a solution to it. In his comprehensive tutorial, we will explain how to find the problem, how to find and download the latest hardware drivers and how to install them.

Network adapters are vital parts of our computers. They allow us to navigate the World Wide Web, connect to local area networks (LANs), or connect to wireless local area networks (WLANs). If your network adapter is malfunctioning or if it lacks hardware drivers, you will not be able to access any of these resources. It can be quite frustrating.

Solving the problem means finding its cause. However, if you think solutions are easy to come by, take a look at the following real problems from real people:

1. "I just built my PC and got XP running on it. When I first got it running I got it running good and had the internet on it, then I moved it up into my room and got an Ethernet cable running from my router to my PC. But now my PC doesn't recognize the Network Adapter and I can't get on the internet. There isn't even a Network Adapter option on the device manager. I don't understand. By the way, the network adapter is onboard."

2. "I recently upgraded my network driver because I was getting errors connecting to the web. After the upgrade that fix the errors, but now network adapter keeps saying it can't find a suitable network driver. It keeps failing every time. I can't rollback the driver because if I do that, I start getting the connection errors again. Please help me!"

3. "I have an old P166 running Win98SE, and I'm trying to get it connected to my cable modem. I can install the network card without any problems, but when I run WINIPCFG, the adapter isn't there. I've tried two different Ethernet cards, same result. Any ideas?"

Finding the problem

This part is absolutely necessary. To fix a problem, you must first find out what is causing it. In our case, we are using a wireless network adapter and we are unable to connect to the Internet. What could possibly be the problem? To find more information on our device, we must go to the Device Manager. For this click Start, click Control Panel, double click System, go to the Hardware tab, and click Device Manager. This manager should present all the devices connected to your computer as a list. Double clicking on any device brings up information about it.

If you notice, there is a yellow exclamation mark (or question mark) right before the Network Adapters tab. This means that Windows detected an error there. If you double click your network adapter and go to the Driver tab, you will notice that none of the fields have any info. If you are unable to see your device, it means that Windows is unable to detect it. In both cases, the problem is with the hardware drivers. We need to find, download and install the latest ones.

Finding and downloading the latest hardware drivers for our Gateway network adapter

Drivers, as well as documentation, can be found on the manufacturer's database. Almost all manufacturers maintain an updated database of drivers where you can find drivers for all of their products, both new and old. So we must start our search on Gateway's website. Go to it at (or simply google "gateway" and the first result is what we need). Here is how the main page looks like:

Gateway main page

As you can immediately notice, there is a Support link at the top of the page. Usually, all downloads can be found in this section. Hold the mouse over the link and click on Drivers and Downloads from the drop-down menu to get to the following page:

Gateway drivers and downloads page

As you can see, you need a serial number to find what you are looking for. This number is located on your network adapter and you need to remove your case to get it. A time consuming and dangerous task. So let's find a way around this. Click Browse All Downloads and you should see the page below:

Gateway browse all downloads

You must complete all 5 steps to get some results. Select your product type, select your product model, select your operating system, select a file type, and display results. Here is how the page looks after I have entered all the details:

Gateway browse all downloads page filled

After you click Display Results, you should see the following results:

Gateway search results

Notice the file "7514310.exe - Gateway Branded Wireless PC Card 802.11b (WBM-120) driver, version"? This is what we are looking for! Go ahead and click it:

Gateway download driver

All you have to do now is click on Download Now:

Download file window

Click Save File and save it to an easy to remember location (I always use the Desktop). After the file is downloaded, take 5 minutes to save it to a CD or DVD. You never know when you need it again!

Installing the hardware drivers for our Gateway network adapter

Once the file is saved, go and double click it. You should see a security warning from Microsoft:

Security warning from Microsoft

We know where the file came from and that it's genuine. So go ahead and click Run. After the installer extracts some temporary files, you will see the Readme:

Gateway readme

Here are their instructions for Windows XP:

If you have already physically installed the network adapter, simply restart your computer and Windows will start the New Hardware wizard. If this does not work, physically reinstall the device. Now all you have to do is restart your computer and you should be able to access your network's resources.

To make sure that the Gateway network adapter is successfully installed, go to the Device Manager. You will notice that the yellow exclamation mark (or question mark) is no longer present. Congratulations! This means that you have just successfully installed your Gateway network adapter.