How to find the best driver for your hardware

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Finding the best driver for your hardware may seem easy. But after you have tried several drivers and you system keeps throwing errors and restarting itself, you might give it a second thought. The best drivers for your hardware are not so easy to find. Some might spend a few good hours on the internet and find the perfect drivers, while others can spend days without finding the right driver or, perhaps, without finding the driver at all.

There are a few tips to finding the best driver for your hardware. You should read this article before even starting your search.

Usually, the best drivers are found on the manufacturer’s website. You must identify your manufacturer and the hardware’s model first. After you have this information, you go to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver. If you fail to find it there, a short email to the manufacturer might bring something out.

If your hardware is quite old, your manufacturer might not have the drivers for it in his database of drivers. You need to go on the World Wide Web and search for websites that collect drivers. Don’t worry; there are plenty of them out there. You might find the latest version of the driver there.

Following the above tips usually works, but there are cases in which the driver will not work. Even a driver from the manufacturer’s website might not work (on rare occasions). What you need to do is roll back the driver. If the latest version does not work, try an older version. Although it will not be as good as the new version, at least it will work. You can find older hardware drivers versions on the Internet, on various websites. TIP: Try reading specialized forums and you might obtain some valuable links.

Now that we have seen how to find the latest drivers and even some older ones, let’s see how we can distinguish good from bad. Although latest versions are usually the best, this does not apply to every piece of hardware and to every computer. The general rule is: The best driver is the one your hardware performs best with! Even if you don’t have support for the latest gadgets, your hardware will work at its maximum performance. This is more important than a version number.

Note that sometimes you can encounter problems because the driver files are corrupted. Simply by reinstalling the driver you can fix all the issues; you don’t need to upgrade or roll back your hardware driver. Also note that errors can be caused by faulty physical hardware installation. You should always physically reinstall the hardware to make sure everything is in place. Remember, hardware drivers from the manufacturer’s webpage are more secure than drivers picked randomly off the Web!