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Let’s start by learning what a motherboard really is and what it does. According to Wikipedia, a motherboard is the central printed circuit board (PCB) in a complex electronic system, such as a modern computer or laptop. It is also known as a mainboard, system board, and, on Apple computers, a logic board.

Most motherboards produced today are designed for IBM-compatible computers, currently which hold over 95% of the global personal computer market. A motherboard, like a backplane, provides the electrical connections by which the other components of the system communicate, but unlike a backplane also contains the central processing unit and other subsystems such as the real time clock, and peripheral interfaces. All of the basic circuitry and components required for a computer to function are onboard the motherboard or are connected with a cable. This means that, basically, the motherboard is the heart of the system. Without it, nothing would even start.

When you first install Windows, there are no hardware drivers installed. Everything in the Device Manager has an exclamation mark near it. Although Windows is working, it does it at a basic level. You do not have audio support, you only have basic video support, you do not have networking support, and so on. One of the biggest mistakes you can ever make is install all the other drivers before you install the motherboard driver. You might even forget to install this one. If you do so, let’s see what happens. Although you have all the drivers installed, you will notice that your computer behaves strange. Games will not work, audio will not work, and networking might not work. But why? You know you just installed the latest hardware drivers. Yes, you did, but you forgot to install the motherboard drivers. Since this piece of hardware links all the other hardware devices, it is very clear why nothing works.

And now, here is the fun part – you can’t install the motherboard drivers after you install the hardware drivers. You can try, it might work, but your system will become unstable, crash, freeze, and throw all kinds of errors. So, after you work for an hour to install all the drivers, you need to uninstall them, install the motherboard driver, and reinstall them. This is a waste of time and it could have been avoided if you remembered that the motherboard is the MAIN hardware component in your computer.

If your motherboard drivers are missing or driver files are corrupted, you will instantly feel it. Your audio, video, networking, and all the other useful things will work below normal speed; you will experience crashes and freezes. You can even see some very unique and interesting behaviors nobody has ever heard of. So, as you imagine, finding a solution and fixing the problems might take some time if you don’t install the motherboard driver