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I feel so stupid - I just called the store where I bought my Mp3 player and yelled at them for an hour - and then the driver software told me I just needed a new driver!

Bob Jamieson, CA

If you're trying to connect computer peripherals like printers, webcams, or MP3 players, and your computer isn't recognizing the device when you plug it in, chances are you need a driver update for your interface. Even though it's built in to your computer, Windows still needs drivers to communicate properly with your ports. Without these drivers, Windows will often crash, freeze, or just ignore data coming from the ports. You can use Driver Robot to automatically update your interface driver.

Driver Robot automatically updates:

  • Sound card drivers
  • Printer drivers
  • Video card drivers
  • Motherboard drivers
  • Webcam drivers
  • Wireless drivers
  • Bluetooth drivers
  • FireWire drivers
  • Ethernet drivers
  • Windows XP drivers
  • Windows Vista drivers
  • USB drivers
  • Chipset drivers
  • AC97 drivers
  • DVD drivers
  • Router drivers

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Three reasons to use Driver Robot to update your drivers:


Easily connect your devices

If Windows can't connect to your -connected device, it won't give you an explanation - it simply won't work. Windows interface drivers are crucial to the proper operation of any device that uses a port. Driver Robot lets you start using your device right away with a quick, easy driver update.


You don't need to worry about what kind of port you have.

There's multiple versions of ports, and each computer's interface is a little different. If you're serious about getting your device to work, you need the correct driver for your specific configuration. Driver Robot automatically detects the exact interface driver that you need - it even downloads and installs the driver for you.


Updating your drivers will make your devices work properly.

Devices that rely on the interface need to be plugged in to a computer with the right drivers in order to function properly. They'll occasionally work a little bit, but to operate them at full speed, you should update your drivers with Driver Robot. Driver Robot's automatic driver update only takes 2 minutes.

Step-by-step: How Driver Robot updates your drivers

Driver Robot is the best way to fix driver problems.

If you need a solution to driver errors that doesn't take 3 hours or a technical degree, download Driver Robot now. Driver Robot automatically scans your computer for missing drivers, and downloads the correct software for you - all you have to do is watch.

Driver Pro guarantee: Driver Robot is safe to use on your computer.

We guarantee that Driver Robot is 100% free of spyware, viruses, and other nasty malware. We like this product so much that we use it ourselves - we wouldn't recommend anything that we didn't trust on our own systems.

How to install Driver Robot to update your drivers

If you'd like to use Driver Robot to update your system's drivers, start by downloading the setup file. You may do so here: Driver Robot setup. Please expect to wait 30 seconds before the download is finished.

Once the setup file is finished downloading, find it and run it by double-clicking on the Driver Robot Setup icon. You'll be presented with a splash screen, which you can continue past by pressing the "Next" button in the bottom of the window.

Read the license agreement and press "Next" to proceed. The setup program will now unpack Driver Robot, configuring it for maximum compatibility with your system.

When this process is finished, Driver Robot will automatically start and prompt you to begin searching for drivers for your devices.

Removing Driver Robot from your system

If you have to uninstall Driver Robot from your computer, don't worry - it's quick and easy, and doesn't leave anything behind on your PC.

Open the Start menu and press "All Programs". In this list, find the folder called "Driver Robot". Click on it once to expand it. Here, you should see a small icon labeled "Uninstall" or "Uninstall Driver Robot". Clicking this link will launch the Driver Robot uninstaller.

You may be asked whether you are sure that you want to remove Driver Robot from your computer. Press "Yes" to proceed. In 15 seconds, Driver Robot will be taken off your computer with no traces left behind.

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